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Fill your life with fragrance

My Story

Ok, so what on earth is Scentsy then? Well, the warmers are a safer alternative to candles as there is no flame, toxins, nor soot, so no fire hazard, making them safe around children and pets. The scented wax is not burnt, but warmed by low wattage electricity and a warming plate, so you can actually put your finger in the wax and not burn yourself. The wax will not evaporate and there are currently more than 80 different scents to choose from.

We don't just stop at warmers, we have various scented products including amazing cuddly buddies. These products make your home smell fantastic, and your office or business smell amazing without causing any safety issues at all.

A little bit about me.... I am a Dad to four absolutely amazing children with my oldest being 29 this year and my youngest being 4 this year! (Trust me, it's a long story that not even Jerry Springer has enough time for!) . I work full time and whilst my job is good, it doesn't always stimulate my creative juices and get me fired up, which is where Scentsy comes into it! As someone who has had numerous burns over the years working as a chef and also on open fires as a Scout Leader, I really love Scentsy as a product because it's basically impossible even for someone as daft as me to burn myself on and there is such a massive range of different scents that you could never get bored. I have only recently joined Kelly Ann Grant's team but I have already experienced so much genuine support and love from her and all the other lovely people in her team and I cannot wait to start sharing the love with you all!

If you are looking for a new opportunity to earn some extra income to your household, to pay off bills, or save for a holiday, Christmas, wedding, whatever your personal reason Scentsy would be perfect for you, even if you are retired and are looking for extra. You can make the business what you want it to be, there is no catchment area and the opportunities are endless. I genuinely love these wonderful products and am sure you would too, contact me for a chat and to try for free; Mike Wright 07738763345